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HENSCHEL 3-Way Tipper

3-way tippers for light commercial vehicles

with a gross vehicle weight of up to 5.5 t

Thanks to the reliable quality of our products, we have been a supplier of original (OEM) tipper bodies for many years, e.g. for VW, PSA Group and Iveco.

BASIC ADVANTAGES OF THE HENSCHEL 3-WAY TIPPER › anti-corrosion protection › locking system › low weight: for example, the weight of a 3.00 m long tipper body is only 485 kg


Gross vehicle weight

Load-carrying capacity




Side boards






Locking system

up to 5.5 t

2450 kg

up to 4300 mm

up to 2140 mm

other dimensions on request

thickness 25 mm, height 400 mm

anodised aluminium


thickness 33 mm, height 400 mm

powder-coated steel

2.5 mm steel

Armaton 4000 XF


› Galvanised steel makes the tipper more durable, and additionally protects it against corrosion.

Consoles welded onto the subframe are factory-integrated with the tipper and are optimally matched to the respective vehicle. This ensures the quick and easy installation of the body onto the vehicle.

Nano-ceramic coating, which is then treated with 2 layers of powder coating, ensures the optimal protection against corrosion.

› Fender mounting brackets have been prepared for each type of vehicle. Fenders are optional.


› Galvanised steel structure and floor made of wear resistant steel sheet with a thickness of 2.5 mm.

The mounting brackets (according to DIN 75410-1 / EN 12640 – for securing the load in compliance with regulations) are embedded in the floor and noise dampened when not in use with specially mounted rubber shock absorbers.

The anodised side boards made from extruded aluminium profiles are lightweight and corrosion resistant.

The side boards fold down and, when necessary, are easily removable without the use of additional tools.

The rear board is foldable and swingable by a manual locking gear. The rear locking system pillars are fully removable. Thus, there are no obstacles during loading when the boards are folded down.

The innovative locking system is easy and particularly convenient and intuitive to use.

The tipping direction can be changed by use of pins – extremely easy to use.

The simple, yet effective protection system using an inserted pin prevents incorrect tipping direction.

› Optional is a extension of the subframe, for mounting a loading crane or tool box behind the driver’s cab.


› Electro-hydraulic drive with a long-life, chrome plate hardened platform-lifting cylinder.

› The emergency stop is controlled by the pressure control valve.

› Comfortable operation with the remote control device, which can be mounted and wired up to the inside of the vehicle’s cab.

› The connecting cables are supplied with the tipper as a complete kit, including operating instructions.

› The tipper is ready to use as soon as the battery is connected.


› The paint coating of the galvanised steel plate gives excellent protection against corrosion.

After nano-ceramic coating, 2 layers of powder coating are applied to the HENSCHEL 3-way tipper.

As an eco-friendly alternative, the nano-ceramic pre-treatment is equivalent to cataphoretic coating (KTL). It is free from phosphates and heavy metals. It reduces the energy consumption and allows for environmentally-friendly disposal.

The standard colour is dark grey (MB 7350). Special colours are possible in all available RAL colours.

› The bottom of the bodywork is afterwards preserved with wax to provide even better protection against corrosion.

Of course, we also supply accessories: for example, bulkhead-gantry, tail gantry rack, fenders or foliage grid extension.

We are at your service and happy to answer your questions personally.


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